Cycling Courses

Whether you are a complete beginner or already a confident road cyclist, our team of friendly, experienced instructors will provide you with all the training and support you need to get the most out of your cycling - Just choose the course that’s right for you -

Learn to ride

Find your balance and learn the basic skills in a safe environment. You’ll learn how to start and stop safely and how to steer your bike.

All bikes are provided for these sessions. After you have gained the skills taught in these sessions

Cycle Confidence

Getting the basics down is one thing, but next its time to build up your confidence and refine those skills so you feel a rounded and competent cyclist ready to tackle the next step.

Cycling confidence courses are held in parks around the city so you can build your confidence in a distraction-free environment. All bikes are provided.

Road Confidence

If you are happy with your bike handling skills, its time to tackle the roads. This course introduces riders to riding on quiet roads, as well as cycle paths

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City Centre Cycling

how to ride

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Practice in the Park

Just need more practice before thinking abut the next step? Our Practice in the Park sessions are designed for you. Its a chance to explore the park by bike and carry on gaining your cycling confidence. There are trainers on hand but this is really an untaught session. You need to have completed a Cycle Confidence course to book onto a practice session. All bikes are provided.