Sheffield CycleBoost is coming to Amey Sheffield

From 16th April through to 14th May you can borrow one of our bikes to see if cycling is for you, and throughout the year there are lots of cycling activities to help you explore cycling.

This Phase is now fully subscribed but if you’d still like to loan a bike through one of our community schemes please click here

Useful numbers

Free loan bikes

Bikes are available for you to take away and use for four weeks - this way you can give cycling a go! You can sign up online or visit us at our roadshow so you can see the bikes and sign up on the day.

Ideally we’d like you to try cycling to work once a week, but your loan-bike is yours to enjoy for the whole four-week period, including weekends too.

If you enjoy cycling then at the end of the scheme you have lots of options:

  • Complete the training and you can buy your loan bike for £100 at the end of the loan (we will need to be happy you’re OK to cycle on the road)
  • You can get a bike under Amey’s own ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme
  • You can get an old bike checked over to make sure its ok for you to use by CycleBoost’s Dr. Bike

If you need to talk to somebody about this just ring 0114 3991100 or email

Help and advice

If you need advice on any aspect of cycling in Sheffield then get in touch with us on 0114 2412775 or email Otherwise you can save your questions and bring them along to one of our events when you can ask them in person.

We can give help and advice on:

  • Finding appropriate routes in Sheffield
  • How to tame the traffic
  • Safe cycling techniques
  • Buying your own bike
  • How to maintain your bike

Cycle Skills

We have a full programme of events designed to help you improve your cycling skills, whether you have never learnt to ride or are a regular commuter there’s a course designed to boost your skills - there’s even a course designed for people wanting to ride with cycling clubs who ‘d like to develop advanced road and group riding skills.

Courses are held all over the city, and run throughout the day, including evenings and weekends so you should be able to find one that suits you, just take a look and book online. As with most things CycleBoost, these courses are available free of charge.

If you want to talk to someone about taking part in one of our courses just phone 0114 2412775 or email

Maintenance Classes

If you want to learn how to maintain and repair your own bike then we host both beginners (trail-side) and complete maintenance classes.

The Beginners Maintenance course runs over four consecutive weeks and runs for two hours a week. The Complete Maintenance course is longer, running over six weeks and for two and a half hours at a time.

Both courses carry a charge - The Beginners Maintenance course costs £5 for the whole course if you are a Sheffield resident or worker, whilst the Complete Maintenance course is £95 as it is not subsidised by the CycleBoost scheme - but for the price of a full service you’ll learn how to fully service your own bike.

Both these courses can be booked online by heading over to our Eventbrite page.

We can run the beginners course at your own location over one day for groups of eight people for £80, so if you want your friends to join you on a course this could be for you. Get in touch and we will send you details of how we can arrange the course.

If you need to discuss any aspect of our maintenance program with someone then just phone 0114 3991100 or email

Dr. Bike service

During the time we loan out bikes to Amey employees we also bring along our Dr. Bike service, so any employees who are already cycling to work can get their bike checked over by one of our Cytech-qualified mechanics.

We will announce when and where our employee-only sessions will run closer to the time, but as well as that we run a number of sessions accessible to the general public at venues around the city - for full details browse our Dr. Bike listings