Tips for riding at night

1. Make sure you have a decent set of lights…

The batteries will run out or the light might fail so have a system for how
often you recharge lights but take spare lights or batteries with you. Think about where you are riding – dark country lanes need a strong constant beam.

2. Put your lights on before it gets dark…
3. Reflect on being seen…

You could wear reflective clothing; ankle bands, a jacket, gloves, etc. Have you got reflectors on your bike and reflective strips on your rucksack or panniers?

4. Be alert for potholes…

Keep an eye on the road surface. Often reflected lights from car headlights or brake lights light up the road surface, especially in the wet. Make sure you have your tyres pumped up so that if you do hit a pothole you are less likely to get a puncture.

5. Plan what you’ll do if you have a mechanical…

Will you fix it or get someone to pick you up? Carry a spare inner tube, tyre levers and whatever tool you use for getting a wheel off.

6. Think about clothing…

Riding at night is going to be colder than in the daytime.

7. Slow down to give yourself more time to react to any hazards


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