Community Bike Workshop: the Bike Kitchen

Recycle bikes at the Arches is our new training and community bike workshop space located by Norfolk Bridge, just off Attercliffe Road.

On Tuesdays (4pm-8pm), Thursdays (4pm-8pm) and Saturdays (1.30pm-5.30pm) we are hosting a ‘bike kitchen’, offering rentable workstands and tools for you to fix your own bike.

The bike kitchen provides a space for you to look after your own bike without shelling out on expensive bits of bike maintenance kit that you may only need to use a few times a year. There are experienced mechanics on hand to offer advice, guidance and support so you can complete repairs yourself.

You rent a workstand and set of ‘common’ tools by the hour to maintain and repair your own bike. More specialist tools are on-hand if your job requires them.

We have eight rentable workstand spaces, six of which are bookable in advance and two which are available on a drop-in basis.


6 Princess Street, off Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S4 7UU

Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 4pm-8pm; Thursday: 4pm-8pm; Saturday: 1.30pm-5.30pm