Fix It Sessions

Dr Bike Service

At a Dr. Bike Clinic our Cytech-qualified cycle mechanics will give your bike a full MOT. We will fix any minor repairs on the spot and we can also replace brake blocks and cables, oil your chain and repair punctures.And we find anything more serious we will inform you of the problem and recommend you to your local bike shop.

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Maintenance Courses

“Bicycle Basics” is our entry-level bike maintenance course, aimed at newcomers to cycling, or those who’d like a little more practice.

The 2.5-hour course covers all the basics you’ll need to keep your bike on the road and cycle with confidence. We’ll show you how to:

  • Remove your wheels
  • Remove and replace an inner tube
  • Fix a puncture
  • Adjust your brakes
  • Clean and lube your bike correctly
  • Carry out a pre-ride safety check

We’ll also give you advice on what tools to carry with you while you’re riding.

You can either bring your own bike or work on one of ours (on request), although we will provide the punctured wheels for you to work on.

You’ll also receive your own puncture repair kit and set of ‘Park Tool’ tyre levers to take away!

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Community Bike Workshop

The bike kitchen provides a space for you to look after your own bike without shelling out on expensive bits of bike maintenance kit that you may only need to use a few times a year. There are experienced mechanics on hand to offer advice, guidance and support so you can complete repairs yourself.

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