Free loan bikes

Cycleboost offers free loan bikes to people in Sheffield so they can give cycling a go and see if they can start using bikes as a means of getting round the city.

We visit large employers in the North and East of the city to give workers a chance to see if commuting by bike works for them.

We also loan out bikes to Sheffield residents who approach us directly, who are interested to see whether getting around by bike makes sense for them.

  • The bikes are loaned out for four weeks at a time, after which they need to be returned to us for others to use.
  • There is no charge for loaning the bike although it is sometimes necessary to ask for a deposit for the bike if your current employer isn’t one of our partners.
  • During the time you have your bike you will need to log how much you use it.
  • We provide online tools and phone apps to enable you to keep a record easily, although people with limited access to the internet can keep paper journals of how they get on with their bike.

We are keen that people continue cycling after their loan time is up. To help that we do allow people to buy their loan bikes at the end of the loan.

To be eligible to buy your bike you need to make sure you send us a log of how you have used your bike and also take a short skills session with our trainers to make sure you are confident using your bike.

We accept applications online, or in person at the loan bike events we run around the city. There are limited places on the scheme so regret that not all applicants will be offered a bike.

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